Rings Preorder
No cappings needed
Waiting time is around 1- 2 weeks
When ordering, pls state the code and colour so that it would be very convenient for me to place order with my supplier, so that there would not be any misunderstanding.
ring size chart! Ring size chart
R1 R1-Ribbon ring $5.80
R2 R2- $5.80
R3 R3-$4.80 (adjustable)
 R4 R4- $4.80
R5 R5-$5.80
R6 R6-$5.80
R7 R7-$5.80
R8 R8-$5.80
R9 R9-$2.30 Polka dot series
R10 R10-$4.30 Adjustable, no remakes
#4,#6,#9,#1 not available
R11 R11-$3.60 Available in:Black, red, hot pink, white, lime green, orange, yellow, dark purple, purple, light blue
R12 R12-$3.10
R13 R13-$1.80
R14 R14-$2.80
 R15 R15-$2.80 (different from the top rose ring)
from left to right: biggest to smallest R16-$3.30
For the alphabet rings: (how to order?)
1) choose the alphabet you would like to get. (Note that I do not have all alphabet)
2) choose the colour you wan. 
- Pink colour -> 10 cents
- Purple colour -> 10 cents
- Blue colour -> 10 cents
- Black colour -> 10 cents
-White colour -> 10 cents
-Yellow colour -> 10 cents
- Red colour -> 10 cents
- Green colour -> 10 cents
If you don't want colour (like the biggest Alphabet shown above) then it will be FOC (:
3) Choose the Size (All sizes are shown above)
- Big (Extra 20cents)
-Medium (Extra 10 cents)
- Small (FOC)
4) Make an order via email or sms.
R18 R18-$2.30
 R19 R19-$3.80
R20 R20-$2.80 (only red is available...)
R21 R21-$4.30
R22 R22-Snowie love ring-$3.80
R23 R23-Vintage rose ring (adjustable) $5.80